The FABARM factory is launched around 1900 by the Galesi family, one of the great Brescian dynasties. The name FABARM comes from FABBRICA BRESCIANA DI ARMI, literally Arms Manufacturer in Brescia. During the first decades of the twentieth century, production is mainly side-by-side shotguns and pistols. Just after the Second World War, production takes off, with over-and-under shotguns added to the production of side-by-side, Anson type ; with the production of break-down barrels for other brands; and, even more astonishingly, in the middle of the 1950s, compressed air rifles and 9mm calibre Flaubert carbines.

At the end of the ‘60s, FABARM introduces its first semi-automatic shotgun, the GOLDENMATIC, which has a mechanism called “long recoil”»:

The decade of the 70s confirms FABARM’s industrial dimension with an enlargement of the range. To the over-and-under competition shotguns, of which the spearhead is the STL, winning several world championships, to the side-by-side shotguns with four lugs, world leader for shooting live pigeons, are added the pump-action shotguns and above all, the semi-automatic ELLEGI with its gas operating mechanism. A light firearm with an ERGAL 55 frame, the ELLEGI has an immense success in Europe and places FABARM as one of the rare businesses to master the technique of semi-automatic reloading.


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