In 1976, the company name Luciano Galesi is abandoned for good, to give way to the single name FABARM, the brand which could stand on its own feet. It was also around this time, three years later in 1979, that FABARM changes hands, with the retirement of Luciano Galesi. The new owner, a young and brilliant marketing director of the greatest Italian brand of the time, immediately understands the enormous potential of this business, as well as the transformation which takes place when markets turn to mass consumption. He therefore forms a group of shareholders; then, a few years later, organises the removal of the business from Brescia itself to large, modern buildings at Travagliato (a town a few kilometres from Brescia) and carries out an impressive international business development plan, from the USA to Scandinavia, with Europe as the centre of the target. The range is built around semi-automatic shotguns, pump-action and break-down shotguns. It is also the period of commercial agreements with very large distribution companies, allowing for sales of over 3,000 FABARM firearms per month. Massive investment in production capacity, industrial logic, taking part in the first international weapons exhibitions: a presence at the birth of modern marketing. FABARM excels at it! For example, there’s a change of legislation limiting for the semi-auto the magazine capacity to three rounds … and FABARM is the first manufacturer to put on the market a shotgun holding only three shotshells, thus having a lighter and more manageable shotgun than the competition, which has to make do with a magazine capacity reducer.

FABARM owns patents which will be very important for the brand’s future (TRIBORE barrels, PULSE pistons, etc.) they also contribute to the recognition of the modern, serious, innovative yet un-provocative design upon which FABARM has built its identity. The brand’s flagship models are the semi-automatic LION H35 TITAN firearm and the AXIS over-under shotgun, first marketed in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Traditional forms now give way to more audacious lines and engravings are now laser etched allowing for ever more innovative designs. FABARM is also at the cutting edge for surface finishes, with their revolutionary Titanium and Zirconium PVD process. In 2005 FABARM launched the new TRIBORE HP barrel, the first barrel design to include removable 82mm INNER HP choke tubes with hyperbolic profiles in the place of the rectilinear cones manufactured by the competition. The ballistic quality of FABARM barrels confirms the position on the industry’s cutting edge.

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