FABARM today has an extremely modern 10,000 sq. m. factory and a production capacity of almost 20,000 weapons per year.

FABARM’s strategy is based on four major pillars:

- Massive investment, as much in research and development as in industrial facilities.
- Extending the range: FABARM is one of the few businesses worldwide which covers almost all areas of the hunting market, sporting and law-enforcement with semi-auto shotguns, over-and-under, side-by-side, pump, combination guns, double express and bolt action rifles.
- The promotion and total preservation of a 100 % Italian production, without recourse to subcontracting to countries with lower labour costs.
- The creation of a distribution network based on excellence in client relations: the brand today is distributed in over 50 countries. To listen better, to understand better, to give a better service, FABARM today has two subsidiaries, one in the USA and one in France.

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